Friend of a Friend.

Friend of a Friend.
Branding, Web Design, Art Direction.

Friend of a Friend.

Friend of a Friend.

Friend of a Friend is a food service company that produces high quality ready-to-eat meals.

Friend of a Friend.
Dakota Koop
work brief

We were tasked with developing the brand identity and website for a company looking to provide high quality ready-to-eat meals. The decided direction and name 'Friend of a Friend' was established to support the eclectic nature of the company's inaugural menu. The art direction and subsequent background video, was developed from found test footage left on a company hard drive. The footage was then cut and assembled to establish the narrative and ethos for Friend of a Friend. Chance encounters; cultural collage; impromptu meals; spirits easing small talk; an assemblage of ingredients and techniques – these are the supporting elements of Friend of a Friend.

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