Siblings Creative

Siblings Creative
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Art Direction.

Siblings Creative

Siblings Creative

Siblings Creative is a boutique Vancouver design studio co-founded by Dakota Koop that celebrates creativity and innovative design.

Dakota Koop
work brief

Siblings Creative was developed as a means to build long lasting brands for passionate clients. Stifled by narrow minded direction in past studios, Jay and I set off to do things differently. Our goal was to craft meaningful brand stories that would reflect the values and nuances of our clients. From brand strategy and visual identity to collateral and web design, we provided clients with all of the assets needed to launch and conquer. For our own brand, we wanted to be authentic, transparent, and steer clear of the 'hip' homogeneity so prevalent in the design industry. We opted for one distinct brand colour, a simple wordmark, and a rough illustrative style.

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