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Solum Cushions
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Solum Cushions

Solum produces hand sewn cushions that are filled with organic buckwheat hulls grown and sourced directly from Canadian, family-run farms.

Dakota Koop
work brief

The founders of Solum came to me with an idea for a locally sourced cushion company and a prototype of their inaugural Solum Cushion. Avoiding the stale cliches and tropes that saturated the market, we opted for a brand that was modern, clean and imaginative. Rather than branding the cushion as a meditation tool, we opted to strike a balance between design and decor, promoting a multifunctional unit that could facilitate mindfulness whether you were working from home, socializing with friends over a glass of wine or exploring the astral planes. The logo and brandmark developed are simple, abstract and facilitate future brand growth.

Solum Logo, Wordmark + Tagline
Cushion Hangtag Front
Cushion Hangtag Back
Shipping Boxes
Website Capture
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