Adidas X Lego
Die Zwei

Adidas X Lego

Die Zwei
Art Direction, Visual Design.
Photography: Julia Bostock

Our Nature, Our World.

Adidas and LEGO needed a visual direction for their collaborative Baumhaus drop. The unisex collection featured weather-proof outdoor garments perfect for all weather play. The challenge – marrying the imaginative spirit of LEGO with the energy and performance of Adidas.

Our Nature, Our World.

Nature is our biggest source of inspiration. A tree can be a towering hideaway, a puddle can be a bubbling ocean, a dune can be a valley in space – anything is possible when imagination and play collide. In order to capture the spirit and individuality of our talent, we decided to provide the kids with an outdoor canvas for play, as well as a physical canvas to explore their imagination and relationship with nature even further.

The visual language and photographic style is rooted in juxtaposition. We wanted to balance emotional portraits with wide frame action shots to embrace the cyclical nature of play. Run, jump, dive into dirt, catch your breath and smile for the camera.

Following our location shoots, we gathered the talent in London for a free-form creative session. The kids were provided with supplies and prompted to express their feelings and experiences from the previous day.

Bubbles, trees, waves, planets and creatures all came to life as the kids created and visualized their own unique interpretations of nature, imagination and play.

Following the creative session, we compiled the children's artwork and developed three visual backgrounds to use as the foundation for the Adidas X LEGO: Baumhaus Collection.

The key visuals were then compiled using the combined photography, art-day talent created backgrounds, LEGO paper cut-out DNA and the collection tagline - 'Our Nature, Our World'.

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