Dr. Lili Liang: Optometrist
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Dr. Lili Liang: Optometrist

Siblings Creative
Visual Identity, Web Design
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The optometry industry is full of clinics and corporations — not brands. Dr. Lili wanted to develop an identity that was both playful and professional.

See the world your way.

Dr. Lili came to us with a vision – a brand that could live in two worlds. She wanted an identity that exuded professionalism, but was hip enough to appeal to her neighbourhood and clientele – young professional creatives, living in the heart of Vancouver's Gastown.

The logo is equal parts artistic and abstract, utilizing the repetition in Lili’s name to create a mark that is clean, bold and minimal. The simplicity of the logo’s form lent itself perfectly to a pattern that could be used across physical and digital platforms. The logo, when paired with Lili’s wordmark, can be used in two different orientations — horizontal and vertical — which enforces it’s versatility and strength.

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