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Seventy Agency
Concept Development, Art Direction, Visual Identity, Visual Design.
3D Graphics: Bruto, Web Development: Devhouse

Accelerating change for a Sustainable Future.

South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Group was launching a new entity within the US Market, focusing on investment and development within energy storage, energy transition and aerospace. The new brand, FutureProof, came with an adopted logotype – but required a visual identity and website to solidify their position as a disruptor and market leader.

It became evident that the majority of US competitors were stuck in the past, relying on prescriptive imagery of outdated tech – counterintuitive to forward-leaning claims. To realize FutureProof’s vision statement, ‘Accelerating change for a sustainable future’, we activated a concept that was anchored to innovation.

Forming the future.

Forming The Future, was a concept designed to challenge the status quo and set a visual benchmark for sustainable innovation. What would it look like if batteries were made of moss and ice – could bioplastic and rock host industrial infrastructure? These questions directed our exploration, and resulted in a series of hero images that reimagined each operational sector. Each visual featured a recognizable form, and leveraged the interplay between sustainable and future materials. 

To support the concept, a sophisticated and streamlined identity was developed to frame the hero visuals. A strict grid system, a modern typeface, and a single brand colour – indigo.

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