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GP Bullhound

Seventy Agency
Concept Development, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Visual Design.

Bullish on brilliance.

GP Bullhound is a boutique investment and banking company, supporting some of the most influential companies within the tech sector. The company's visual identity suffered from a lack of consistency, and necessitated an update to reflect their new positioning.


We used the concept of Proof as our foundation, emphasising industry knowledge as a point of differentiation. This concept positioned the brand as a hub for expert thinking - placing people and their knowledge at the forefront. Our goal was to spotlight brilliance through our touch-points, using editorial style portraits, text heavy visuals and thought-pieces to solidify the claim.

Referring back to the pinnacle of the information age – we looked to the IBM System 360 for visual cues. The result was a strict but rudimentary layout grid, a reduced RAL color palette, and a hero pixel gradient that challenged the brutalism of 8-bit art.

Moving away from traditional industry web layouts – we developed an editorial inspired experience, that placed information at the forefront. Thought pieces, industry insights and case studies became hero assets, utilizing content as proof and credibility. The digital experience encouraged users to read, interact and curate.

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